Engineering Surveying & Setting Out

An example of pile cap design to be set out

A common definition often used for setting out is that it is the reverse of surveying. What this implies is that whereas surveying is the process of producing a plan or map of a certain area, setting out begins with the plan and ends up with some engineering project correctly positioned within that area.

Most of the techniques and equipment used in surveying are also used in setting out and it is important to realise that setting out is simply one application of surveying.

Examples of set out site grids

Dom Latham Ltd utilises the latest tools and equipment to set up horizontal and vertical survey control networks and can quickly and accurately undertake setting out from these, establishing marks, lines and points to define the position and level of the elements for the construction work so that work can proceed with reference to them.

Vertical control established on face of wall in background.

Work is often undertaken under noisy difficult site conditions, but the quality of the equipment and techniques used in our setting out give reliable results time after time. Our emphasis is on quality work carried out with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Challenging site conditions:

Over the years we have undertaken setting out on sites ranging from large scale projects such as pipeline routes and road schemes to medium scale construction projects and small scale building sites for domestic dwellings.