Measured Building Survey Plans & Elevations

Dom Latham Ltd offers a comprehensive range of building survey services including floorplans; external and internal building elevations; roof plans; building cross sections and internal measured surveys of industrial structures and underground assets.

Over the years our expertise in this field have helped us deliver some very technically challenging projects.

Depending on the project requirements we can provide the necessary survey control and undertake building surveys which can be either unconnected (external survey control is not used), semi-connected (the ground floor only is surveyed instrumentally connected to the external survey control with other floors surveyed assuming verticality), or fully-connected (all floors are surveyed instrumentally connected to the external survey control).

Building Floorplans - Example – floor plan survey – ground floor large block of flats:

Detail – floor plan survey:

We use survey instrumentation and bespoke software solutions running on field tablets to capture MBS data. This can be supplemented with traditional taped information where necessary. We have also manufactured our own innovative wall thickness gauges which have been proven to improve accuracy when taking measurements through form the external building footprint.

Surveying a pub beer cellar by fully connected survey techniques:

Part example of a ground floor pub /restaurant floorplan:

Building Elevations

The survey of building elevations is achieved using a total station with non-contact (refelectorless) EDM. Data is also supplemented by extracting architectural detail from rectified digital photography.

We use our own in house field coding system to ensure accurate and rapid data collection, with processing undertaken in SCC and AutoCAD. Surveying an external building elevation:

Building elevation examples:

Building cross sections

Architects often require cross sections to be taken through buildings to show key features such as floor and ceiling levels, external ground and roof levels and internal wall positions. Supplementing the data gathered during floor plan and elevation surveys we are able to generate this information to meet specific project requirements.

Building cross section examples:

Dom Latham Ltd also undertakes surveys of complex industrial structures and can arrive at a survey solution whatever your requirements. Surveying a complex industrial structure:

All work is carried out to the RICS professional guidance, global, Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities 3rd Edition; undertaken to RICS terms and conditions of contract for land surveying services, 3rd Edition (2009).