Volume Surveys & Ground Modelling

At Dom Latham Ltd we offer a powerful range of solutions to produce volumetric surveys and ground modelling.

At the forefront of this we have invested in one of the latest Topcon GNSS receivers – the cellular Hyper SR:

Using network RTK we are able to work anywhere within the UK and productivity on site starts as soon as we reach the work area. We have the option of computing volumetric surveys with results available live on site, or by post processing back at the office.

Using the Topcon Hyper SR and / or total station and Magnet Field software on site the area of interest (typically spoil heaps, earthwork bunds, banks etc) are surveyed which allows us to calculate results directly in the field:

This solution lends its self to straightforward volume surveys where results are required quickly.

Calculation results are delivered to the client from site which streamlines the whole process and minimises waiting time:

Where more complex work sites are involved a post processing solution is offered. Data is collected by GPS & total station and then processed and modelled back at the office using our survey modelling software SCC:

Part of an existing ground surface survey:

Proposed earthwork designs modelled to the clients specification and ready for volume calculations:

The resultant calculations are computed using two independent methods to provide a check on the data integrity:

a) Volume by prismoidal strings method:

b) Volume by grid method:

As part of the ground modelling process we also provide cross and longitudinal section analysis:

Once any proposed ground modelling has been undertaken and agreed we are then able to return to site to undertake setting out of the new scheme prior to construction beginning – our range of in house services complementing each other to provide maximum benefit for the client.

All work is carried out to the RICS professional guidance, global, Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities 3rd Edition; undertaken to RICS terms and conditions of contract for land surveying services, 3rd Edition (2009).